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Sample Weight Loss Workout Program

With the New Year coming up I thought I would write up a very flexible and simple weight loss program for those of you that are wanting to drop some pounds. I know everyone wants to know the secret to losing weight, but the truth is that there is no secret. Just stay consistent with your daily workouts, eat right, don’t eat too much, and stay positive. It is just a matter of making up your mind and wanting to be fit and healthy bad enough! So, here is a program we all can do and benefit from!

Day 1 -Legs
Round A – 3 times through
A) 3 minute jog/air dyne bike
B) Body Squats x25
C) 5 minute jog/airdyne
D) Front Planks x 30sec. holds
E) 3 minute fast jog/airdyne
F) Box Step Ups x12each leg

Day 2 -Pull
1A) DB Row 4x8E
1B) Side Plank 2x 30 sec.
2A) Lat Pull Down – Wide Grip 4×8
2B) Reverse Crunch 3×12
AirDyne Intervals – 30/30 for 8-12 minutes (30 seconds fast 30 seconds recovery)

Day 3 – Push
Round A – 3 times through
A) 3 minute jog/air dyne bike
B) DB Bench Press – Neutral Grip x 8
C) 5 minute jog/air dyne bike
D) One Arm Overhead DB Press x6E
E) 3 minute jog/air dyne bike (Fast)
F) Kneeling Hand Walkouts x8

Day 4 – Legs
1A) Glute Ham Raise 3×12
1B) Front Plank 3x30sec
2A) RDL’s 4×6
2B) Split Squats 4x6E
3A) Body Squats 2xAs Many as you can do
AIrdyne Intervals 30/30 for 8-12 minutes

Day 5 – Pull
Round A – 3 times through
A) Chest Supported Row – x8
B) 3 minute jog/air dyne bike
C) Lat Pulldown – Chin Up Grip (Supinated) x6
D) 5 minute jog/air dyne bike
E) Band Pulls – x12
F) 3 minute jog/air dyne bike

Day 6 – Your Day
* Static Stretching
* Core and Abdominal work
* Whatever you feel like doing
* Try a new lift – Watch a You Tube video and try one out
* Have fun with it
* Ask other people about their routines
* If you want you can start over with Day 1 too!
* Just get into the GYM!

Repeat days in listed order!

There it is – That is about as simple of a program as you can get! The magic of the program is the tempo in which you do it! Don’t sit around and waist time! Get in and get out. One idea might be to time yourself each workout and try to complete workout faster each time you do it. I wouldn’t be concerned with lifting anything really heavy, but when it does get easy go ahead and up the weight. If you are uncertain on a few of the exercises just You Tube them or drop a comment below and I can answer it for you!

Remember it is a process – Just get after it, have fun, and try to learn what works for YOU!

P.S. If you want to try a great supplement package the 24 Day Challenge from Advocare is the way to go! People are dropping 15-20 lbs in just a month with this great package! If you are interested in learning more, email me @tjnielsen3@gmail.com! Also here is the website to Advocare! Make sure you contact me if you want to buy – I can get you a great discount!


Let me know if you have any questions and Good Luck!



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