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5 Tips to a Better Exercise Program

1.) Pick one lift a day to go hard on!
I would not try to perform more than one big or heavy lift in a day. It really is impossible to bench/squat/deadlift with heavy weight on all three consistently week in and week out. Pick one and dominate it!

2.) Stop skipping the warm up…Seriously!
It only take 5-7 minutes to perform a great warm up. Try doing all those corrective exercise or mobility exercises that you don’t have time for and do them for your warm up. Also perform 12-15 reps of the body weight variation of each exercise you are going to do that day. There, that is easy enough right?

3.) Do your speed/explosive/heavy lifts FIRST!
This is a great way to jump start your workout. If you try these fast and heavy movements too late in your workout you will not have enough energy and you will not get as much out of the lifts. Plus, if you get your motor running early you will burn more calories through out. (for anyone wanting to lose weight!)

4.) Limit your strength training sessions to 20 sets of 6 exercises
I am very guilty of breaking this rule. I have learned the hard way! Trust me, it is better to just pick 20 total sets or about 6 exercises and get in and get out of the gym! You will be able to put more energy into the exercises, feel better, and not run the risk of over training.

5.) Do your cardio or conditioning work at the end of your workout or on a DIFFERENT DAY!
Countless times I see people run or bike before they go lift! This topic gets a lot of discussion, too. Bottom line is that if you do cardio first your strength training will suffer. If you strength training first, I would argue that your cardio session will improve due to the muscular activation that occurs in strength training. I still think doing one or the other on different days is the most beneficial. I know running and lifting each day seems like the better program, but as the saying goes “less is more!”


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