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Sample Weight Loss Workout Program

With the New Year coming up I thought I would write up a very flexible and simple weight loss program for those of you that are wanting to drop some pounds. I know everyone wants to know the secret to losing weight, but the truth is that there is no secret. Just stay consistent with your daily workouts, eat right, don’t eat too much, and stay positive. It is just a matter of making up your mind and wanting to be fit and healthy bad enough! So, here is a program we all can do and benefit from!

Day 1 -Legs
Round A – 3 times through
A) 3 minute jog/air dyne bike
B) Body Squats x25
C) 5 minute jog/airdyne
D) Front Planks x 30sec. holds
E) 3 minute fast jog/airdyne
F) Box Step Ups x12each leg

Day 2 -Pull
1A) DB Row 4x8E
1B) Side Plank 2x 30 sec.
2A) Lat Pull Down – Wide Grip 4×8
2B) Reverse Crunch 3×12
AirDyne Intervals – 30/30 for 8-12 minutes (30 seconds fast 30 seconds recovery)

Day 3 – Push
Round A – 3 times through
A) 3 minute jog/air dyne bike
B) DB Bench Press – Neutral Grip x 8
C) 5 minute jog/air dyne bike
D) One Arm Overhead DB Press x6E
E) 3 minute jog/air dyne bike (Fast)
F) Kneeling Hand Walkouts x8

Day 4 – Legs
1A) Glute Ham Raise 3×12
1B) Front Plank 3x30sec
2A) RDL’s 4×6
2B) Split Squats 4x6E
3A) Body Squats 2xAs Many as you can do
AIrdyne Intervals 30/30 for 8-12 minutes

Day 5 – Pull
Round A – 3 times through
A) Chest Supported Row – x8
B) 3 minute jog/air dyne bike
C) Lat Pulldown – Chin Up Grip (Supinated) x6
D) 5 minute jog/air dyne bike
E) Band Pulls – x12
F) 3 minute jog/air dyne bike

Day 6 – Your Day
* Static Stretching
* Core and Abdominal work
* Whatever you feel like doing
* Try a new lift – Watch a You Tube video and try one out
* Have fun with it
* Ask other people about their routines
* If you want you can start over with Day 1 too!
* Just get into the GYM!

Repeat days in listed order!

There it is – That is about as simple of a program as you can get! The magic of the program is the tempo in which you do it! Don’t sit around and waist time! Get in and get out. One idea might be to time yourself each workout and try to complete workout faster each time you do it. I wouldn’t be concerned with lifting anything really heavy, but when it does get easy go ahead and up the weight. If you are uncertain on a few of the exercises just You Tube them or drop a comment below and I can answer it for you!

Remember it is a process – Just get after it, have fun, and try to learn what works for YOU!

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Let me know if you have any questions and Good Luck!



Video of the Week

Today’s post is a quick one but it is loaded with information. This post is for those guys that say “Dude, I gotta get my vert up (Vertical Jump). So I’ve been hitting those calf raises like crazy!” Kidding, but to be honest, we have all done it. Joe Hashey, in the videos below, explains why working your calves to increase your vertical jump is like working your wrists to increase your bench press. Very good analogy, Joe! Once you learn how to jump with your glutes and hamstrings your vertical jump will increase automatically! Take a look and I hope it is helpful for you! Bye for now.



5 Tips to a Better Exercise Program

1.) Pick one lift a day to go hard on!
I would not try to perform more than one big or heavy lift in a day. It really is impossible to bench/squat/deadlift with heavy weight on all three consistently week in and week out. Pick one and dominate it!

2.) Stop skipping the warm up…Seriously!
It only take 5-7 minutes to perform a great warm up. Try doing all those corrective exercise or mobility exercises that you don’t have time for and do them for your warm up. Also perform 12-15 reps of the body weight variation of each exercise you are going to do that day. There, that is easy enough right?

3.) Do your speed/explosive/heavy lifts FIRST!
This is a great way to jump start your workout. If you try these fast and heavy movements too late in your workout you will not have enough energy and you will not get as much out of the lifts. Plus, if you get your motor running early you will burn more calories through out. (for anyone wanting to lose weight!)

4.) Limit your strength training sessions to 20 sets of 6 exercises
I am very guilty of breaking this rule. I have learned the hard way! Trust me, it is better to just pick 20 total sets or about 6 exercises and get in and get out of the gym! You will be able to put more energy into the exercises, feel better, and not run the risk of over training.

5.) Do your cardio or conditioning work at the end of your workout or on a DIFFERENT DAY!
Countless times I see people run or bike before they go lift! This topic gets a lot of discussion, too. Bottom line is that if you do cardio first your strength training will suffer. If you strength training first, I would argue that your cardio session will improve due to the muscular activation that occurs in strength training. I still think doing one or the other on different days is the most beneficial. I know running and lifting each day seems like the better program, but as the saying goes “less is more!”

Farmer Walks and Loaded Carries

One of the most overlooked strength exercises is the loaded carry. It is tough to find a better lift improve “real life strength”. If you do not do them now, they will make you stronger and better immediately! With just one lift you will work your core, shoulders, single leg strength, and even your grip. Plus, the best part of it is that it is simple and is tough to do wrong! Below is a great article that covers the Farmer Walk. Enjoy!

Shon Grosse T-Nation – Farmer’s Walk

Sometimes.. it is as easy as the Bear Crawl

One of the biggest issues I see that limits strength and quality of mobility is poor anterior core strength. Plus, having a weak anterior core will many times lead to low back pain. Below is our progression to improve the anterior core. It is important to follow this progression and not just skip an exercise or two if you can’t complete it properly.

Bear Crawl! (Yes, like back in Elementary PE)
It is also a great warm up exercise for the shoulders, core, and hips. Do the exercise slow, not fast.

Front Plank

Hand Walkouts

Rollouts Variations – Ball Rollouts /AB Wheel from Knee/ From Feet

TRK Fallouts

If you are wondering why I always use Eric Cressey’s videos, it is because they are the best!

Hope you learned something.

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