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“Money Lifts”

Each of us have those 10-12 exercises that we just can’t live without. The interesting thing is that it is different from person to person. “Money lifts” are the exercises that you can perform without any worry of pain or discomfort. Plus, you know that you will get a good workout in when you use them. I am going to bet that these lifts are the same lifts that you are good at and perform with great technique. Your strengths and weaknesses will determine your “Money Lifts”. Now, I would suggest that much of your programming and exercise selection should be focused around your weaknesses. But, at the same time it is important to train safely and use the most effective exercises, which are your “MONEY LIFTS”

Below are my personal Money Lifts. It would be great to hear your Top 10 Money lifts. Just post in the comments below.


(In no particular order)

1.) Conventional Deadlift
2.) Swings
3.) Weighted Chin Ups and/or Pull Ups
4.) DB Walking Lunge
5.) TB Farmer’s Walk (Or any loaded carry for that matter)
6.) AB Rollout Wheel
7.) DB Row
8.) Weighted Push Ups
9.) FS Grip Reverse Lunge
10.) Barbell RDLs

A few that almost made the list…

Hang Snatch – (Usually done with Speed Rep Concept – 6×2@30sec rest)
DB Bench Press
Front Squat

Now what are your “Money Lifts” ?


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