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Just 5 Absolutely Random Strength & Conditioning Tips…

Okay, I stole this from Ben Bruno and his new article on T- Nation. Be sure to take a look at in here. (9 Random Training Tips)

But I promise, these are MY 5 Tips. This is short and sweet before I get the weekend started! And here they are…

1.) PULL before you PUSH

Set up your workouts and supersets so that you are doing your pulling exercises before your pushing. In short, it warms up your back and rear part of your shoulders which is really is the foundation and platform in which you push off of. If you do not do this, you will notice a huge difference right a way when you switch the order in your program.

2.) Feel great? Lift BIG!
Sometimes it just pays to listen to your body. If you have a lot of energy and are ready to move heavy weight, GET AFTER IT! This is a great time to set a new PR. But you also have to listen to your body when you feel like tired or worn out. This is not the time to GO BIG. Keep the weight lower and up the volume or number of reps that you perform. These are the days that you just “get your business done” and get our of the gym to recover. Don’t try anything crazy on these days.

3.) My current SUPPLEMENT LIST
Whey Protein
Vitamin D-3
Fish Oil
BCAA – Preworkout
Core Fuel – Recovery

4.) Deadlifts fry your CNS (Central Nervous System)

Big lifts like squats and deadlifts really take a toll on your body. Just as it is important to do these when your fresh
and full of energy, it is just as important to take it easy the day after and let your body recover. Don’t be a tough guy and muscle your way through it.

5.) SQUEEZE the Weight!
I think one of the most overlooked training tips is the grip. Not just when you are deadlifting or carrying a heavy load, but when you are pushing and pulling weight on a certain exercise, grip is important too. If you SQUEEZE the dumbbell or bar you will trigger more muscle in your shoulders and back to help with moving the load or weight. Trust me, if you don’t do this already, it will sure increase your strength right away!

There they are! Completely random and off the top of my head. Try them out and see what you think.

Have a good weekend!

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