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Program for Ex-Husker Athlete

Now, this guy is still athletic and is just freak strong! Has some shoulder issues from competition in the shot put and a car accident has left him with some issues with his lumbar spine. His goal is just to lose a few lbs. and get fit. I am going to play this program pretty safe since I am not around him to make any assessments. Plus, he just wants to train pain free and feel good about himself! That is not to say that this workout won’t be a butt kicker! Some key points I want to stress! 1) Pull to Push ratio of at least 2:1 2)Thoracic Mobility 3) Single Leg Work and lots of it! 4) Anterior Core Strength!

Just alternate between Workout A and Workout B with at least one day of rest between each workout. So do not workout on on consecutive days.

This is a 6 week program.

Warm Up:
Yoga Plex
Lunge Matrix
Band Pulls
Shoulder YTLW Circuit

Below is the workout

Workout A
1A) DB Row 5x5E
1B) Side Laying Windmills 2×12

1C) MB Rotational Wall Toss 3x4E

2A) Reverse Lunge 3x6E
2B) Push Ups(Weighted) 4×4

3A) DB Swings 5×8

3B) Kneeling Walkouts 3×8

Workout B
1A) Chest Supported Row 6×6
1B) Bird Dogs 4x6E

2A) DB Plank Rows 3xAMAUCAD (That stands for as many as you can do)
2B) Barbell RDL’s 3×8

3A) Alternating DB Incline Bench 4x3E
3B) DB Walking Lunge 4x8E

4A) Farmer’s Walk 3xDistance (Use DB or Trap Bar)

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