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Coaching Tip # 1 – Kids Teaching Kids

Here is the first coaching tip I have for you. I hope to make this a common post here on this blog. It will also be neat to compile a list of different “tricks” I use. As most of you know, it doesn’t matter how much a coach knows, he/she will not be very successful if found principles and structure are not taught throughout the program.

Strength and Conditioning Challenge: Teaching technique

Here is the issue; most programs will have 40-50 basic movements you will introduce. First, you have to teach the 60-70 kids each movement. Second, they most likely they will forget several of these, or at least need a refresher. Third, they will need to be coached and adjusted through each movement several times. Take a second and do the math on how many times you will teach a new lift?
Done? Now, you must do that each time you have a new program or adjust the program throughout the year, so take that X 4 or 5. WOW….

Tip: Create an atmosphere in which kids are teaching kids!

Think about how you group kids together.

Think about having older kids mixed with younger.

Think about mixing high skill level with low skill level.

Think about mixing motivated/disciplined with others that are lacking.

When you have created a program where you can sit back and watch progress and learning happen without saying a word then you will have a successful program.

Best part of all of this…?

In this atmosphere LEADERS will be made!

Have a good weekend!
-Coach Nielsen

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