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5 Good Push Ups vs. 5 Poor Push Ups

Check this video out! I had to post it because in the same video clip it demonstrates proper push up form and poor push up form.

The athlete in the video is Keifer Burke (DE for Chadron State). Keifer is freakishly strong man. His numbers are impressive; 415 Bench press, 305 Hang Clean, and 525 Squat! I would NOT mess with the guy!

Just like everyone though, Keifer has a few weak parts that we are addressing and fixing this summer. I found out that Keifer’s core stability and lower abdominals are very weak for a kid that size and that strong. If you can bench press 415 you should not struggle with push up form, but he does!

Here is what to watch for:
The first 5 push ups are done with 70 pounds loaded on his back, the last 5 push ups are done with out any weight! The first 5 push ups are very good form, the last 5 are poor.

See what I mean? It is a simple fix though. In the first 5 push ups you can see that his body stays in a flat and horizontal line and doesn’t bend at all. In the last 5 push ups, he arches his lower back and his body bends into hyper extension and doesn’t stay horizontal!

How to fix it:
Two things need to be done, it’s all about tightening up his core to stabilize the plank!
1) Squeeze your abs and keep them tight through the whole movement
2) Tighten your gluteaus maximus!

When these two areas are tight, the body stays in a flat and horizontal plank! This is true in all movements! So whether you are doing a plank, push up, weighted push up, ab roll out, or an inverted row! You need to tell your self to squeeze your abs and your glutes!

Make sense? If you are going to do something, you just as well do it the right way or you’re just wasting your time!


Train hard, Train Smart, Train with me!

– Coach Nielsen

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