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The Best 5 Supplements…

Over the past few weeks I have had many ask me about supplements. Now, before I let you know what I take. I want to make sure that you understand my point of view. I think supplements are just that, SUPPLEMENTS. They are intended to supplement your already great diet. If you eat poorly, it really doesn’t matter what supplements you take. If you want to know what a good diet consists of just reply to this post below!

The next thing I beg you to do is STOP throwing your money away on crazy supplements that promise you fast results! Just eat great, workout hard, be consistent, and maybe open a savings account and save your money instead!

With that said, here is my list of must have supplements!

1) Protein
There are many types of protein and all serve a purpose! There is no need to be so complicated with protein, though. Buy basic Whey Protein and make sure you take some right after you workout each day. Also it is great to take before you go to bed (Casein Protein would be better to take at this time tho) , or have a protein shake as a snake during the day! At any rate, it is a must have!

2) Recovery/Electrolyte Drink
Can’t go wrong here either. I think we all know the benefits of Gatorade and Power-Ade drinks! But hey those are pretty expensive if you have a couple a day. So, save some money and buy the powder form you will get more servings for your money.

3) Fish Oil
Just think about how much of a beating your joints take when you are working out hard day in and day out! So take care of your joints and help your heart out at the same time! Just like your car needs oil to run, your body and joints would benefit from fish oil and help to have smooth joint movement

4) Creatine Mono hydrate
Yes, Creatine makes my list! This is simple, it is tough to go wrong with what kind you take or when you take it! Taking it before you workout will give you a little energy and taking it after will ensure that your body starts the recovery process. Basic Ceatine helps muscles recover faster. With intense workouts everyday, the faster you can recover the better.

5) Pre workout Drink
This one you can take it or leave it! The two pre workout drinks I take, are Jack3d and ACG3.
Big Picture: It has caffeine and basic B12 vitamins and gets you energized and focused to workout! Don’t you think that will help your workout session?

*** Honorable Mention: (Almost made my list)
*Vitamin D – Strong Bones = Strong Body
*Multi-Vitamin – I take my Flintstones! Do you?

That it is it! What is your list?

Also, watch this Prank!

Oh yes, I am moving in two weeks… packing and moving heavy things is not as fun as lifting and moving heavy weight in the weight room. Just so you know.

Train Hard, Train Smart, Train with me!

– Coach Nielsen

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4 thoughts on “The Best 5 Supplements…

  1. I’d like a simple but effective 7 day diet to pack on the muscle.

  2. @ Charles – What is your current weight?

    • Roughly 185_190 @ 6’1”

      • @ Charles – Here are my suggestions
        1) Eat 6-8 meals a day that total 3200-3500 calories
        2) Front Load your carbohydrates and larger meals. (Eat biggest meal for breakfast and at the beginning of the day)
        3) Consume 75-100g of fat from nuts, avocados, and beans
        4) At each meal, make sure to eat a portion of protein as well as fats and carbs. Don’t skip a group.
        5) Do NOT over eat!
        6) Consume 250-275 grams of protein per day
        7) Eat real food! Do not eat it unless it was once living, came from something living, grown from the ground, or from a tree. NOTHING ELSE! (Besides your whey protein!)
        8) Be consistent and stick with it

        Good Luck!

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