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What is a Performance Camp ?

Let me describe to you what will be going on this summer at the school and at the Bulldog Performance Camp.

Each workout session will be packed full of exciting, competitive, and challenging strength movements and drill work! There are many parts that make up a workout session. Sections that will be covered each day include;

dynamic mobility and movement prep warm up
core stability/med ball explosion training
speed/acceleration drills
technique and form running
plyometric/proper landing/change of direction technique
metabolic conditioning circuits
PNF stretching and recovery concepts

My goal for Bulldog student/athletes is not only to increase strength, but also to improve in such areas as;

motor control
injury prevention
muscular imbalances
posture control
proper rehab protocols

Ultimately, I want all Bulldogs to enjoy working hard, improving as athletes, building confidence, and learning how to live a lifestyle that promotes being strong, fit, and healthy!

We become better athletes by becoming stronger and more explosive, learning how to move properly, learning how to control our bodies better, and by increasing range of motion and flexibility!

Don’t worry guys!, we are going to learn how to lift heavy objects too 🙂

Hope this gives you an idea of what will be happening!

Remember, I’m here to help! If you have a question about anything, just ask!

Post questions to this site!
Send email to tjnielsen3@gmail.com
Call me or send text to 402-209-4263

Attached below is the camp flyer and a letter each camper should have received!

2011 BULLDOGS Performance Camp Flyer

Performance Camp Preparation Letter

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    Thanks for posting this!

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